What is energy drinks in gaming – Beginner’s Guide


More and more gamers want to know what is energy drinks made of, and how to use them to boost their performances.

Here are quick and on-point answers to the most frequent questions. But before we proceed, I want to make sure that we all are on the same page.

First, I am not advocating that gamers MUST drink energy drinks, but merely pointing out some curious facts and findings.

Second, I wish someone paid me to promote energy drinks, but no one did. Joking aside, energy drinks contain many ingredients. I don’t want anyone, especially teenagers, thinking they are like water. They are not. What’s more, teenagers should be informed of their effects.

I am going to explain my reasoning as you keep reading.

Why do gamers use energy drinks?

Today, gamers use these beverages to spend many consecutive hours playing video games. Many energy drinks brands target mainly e-athletes and pro-gamers.

Recently, thanks to YouTube and Twitch influencers and marketing strategies, their viewers caught on fast.

As streaming platforms show, professional and casual gamers, often, drink them at night. As far as brands are concerned, their interest is keeping gamers very awake. After all, they sell energy drinks in powdered and liquid form both online and in stores. Gamers dilute them in water, and they are good to go.

On the positive side, these beverages are not carbonated like traditional sodas.

Due to effective marketing strategies, gamers jump on this trend because they have many flavours to choose from. Then again, they enhance mental agility and vigilance. In essence, energy drinks promote longer and vigilant gaming sessions.

Plus, new formulas get gamers raving about online, creating giveaways, and sharing new topics in the gaming community. On balance, gamers drink them because of hype and to get a competitive edge.

Does it help with gaming?

Generally, yes. I would not say that during the most challenging gaming sessions with your friends they are going to transform you into a proficient player.

However, they can make a difference for highly skilled gamers who want to focus more on gaming. In most energy drinks, one of the central ingredients is caffeine. To specify, caffeine helps gamers to remain watchful for hours.

Sometimes, brands use guarana or other compounds, but on paper, the active molecules are similar to caffeine.

Also, the presence of taurine is a given, among other ingredients. Together, this mix in energy drinks grants better mental efficiency for a while.

Unfortunately, in the long term, they lead to nervousness and physical discomfort. So, yes, they do help in gaming in the short term. Most importantly, they help if you are not used to them.

On the other hand, the more you drink, the fewer the positive effects. So, I would say they are great for tournaments and bad for daily gaming. The key is drinking responsibly.

Is there any risk of drinking store-bought energy drinks?

The use of energy drinks might not cause a risk in itself. Although, the abuse of them will surely cause a health risk. In short, caffeine is not the only problem with this type of drink.

Other natural ingredients, such as taurine (an acidic substance of animal origin) or guarana (substances of vegetal origin), can also have very harmful effects on developing young people.

Most exciters and stimulating substances do. In detail, exciters such as caffeine predominantly affect the heart.

So, energy drinks may transform you into a gaming ninja for a while. However, drinking too much or for too long can cause all sorts of problems such as organ failure and coma.

Of course, a drink every now and then should not pose a greater threat than regular sodas. Yet in regard to side effects, energy drinks affect sleeping. Especially if you drink them at night.

So, the best way to minimize the risks is to exercise regularly and drink responsibly.

Is powdered energy drinks a better alternative?

They could be a better alternative if you want a more personalized experience.

Let me explain by making some examples. For instance, you can bag your powdered energy drinks and take them with you on a trip.

In this case, there is no danger of broken cans spilling all over your stuff. Plus, they take no space and fit pretty much anywhere. Then again, you might be the gamer who likes to experiment with flavours.

Many YouTubers review energy drinks and talk about how good a flavour mixes with their favourite liquid.

In fact, many uses freshly squeezed juices, iced tea, or lemonade. Although I do not endorse their methods, some mix them with sodas or other supplements.

From their perspective, it is more of a quest for the perfect flavour or balanced effect. On the other hand, the standard energy drink in a can might not allow such a range of testing.

The benefits of switching from store-bought can energy drinks to powdered energy drinks for gaming.

To begin with, most powered energy drinks display the content of caffeine and other ingredients. Thus, it is better to avoid store-bought cans that do not show any detail as well as any brand that does not use clear labels.

In this way, it is easier to monitor the intake. Besides, for the type of gamer who minds if energy drinks are good or bad for you cans can come with another downside. Namely, you need to put them in the fridge to enjoy them when you play.

When you buy powdered energy drinks, you decide where to put the powder.

So, this means that in the worst-case scenario, you can use tap water and some ice cubes in your shaker. Even in this way, the flavour won’t change at all.

On the contrary, if you put ice in a glass of warm energy can straight from the can, you will notice. In detail, you will find that it waters down the flavour by the minute. So, while you might get similar effects, you could end up not enjoying them as much. Or worse, cans could even become a distracting factor.

In fact, spilling an energy drink can is as easy as losing your next round.


Energy drinks and gaming can go hand in hand happily ever after. For the moment, their effects on the human body remain the main concern. Thus, it is imperative to remind the clear-cut difference between use and abuse.

A professional gamer can use energy drinks to ace their video game session.

A casual gamer can enjoy sipping one while playing with their friends. That is not a problem until proven otherwise. However, they are so popular nowadays that people’s perception has changed. Again, drinking energy drinks is not like drinking a soda or a coffee.

They will boost your gaming skills and mind, but consumers have to use them correctly.

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