The kootek cooler pad chill mat 5 review

Cooling your laptop can extend its life span. But not every cooling pad is the same. The value for money changes with the quality and durability, among other factors. So, if you are considering buying the cooler pad Chill Mat 5, this review will help you make the best choice.

I tried this product for a while now. Today, I am ready to share all my insights. Without any doubt, this cooling pad is for both the beginner and the pro gamer. But there is more than meets the eyes at first glance. Of course, I will start with its functionality and effect on my gaming laptop. After that, you will read who specifically can benefit more from this model.

Performance-wise, I did not experience any malfunctioning. But there are a few things I don’t like as well. So, I will give you details on them to keep you posted.

Benefits of the product

Kootek has made cooling your laptop easy. More importantly, the cooling pad is fairly silent and feels robust. The design is nothing new, but you can safely carry it with you in most bags.

Thanks to a large base, you can use it with any laptop model. Especially with large laptops like Razer gaming laptops which tend to be quite as big as expensive. From this aspect, the Chill Mat 5 is surprisingly versatile.

You can check how quick the cooling pad cools down the component temperature with the aid of free tools like CPU-Z. While running some of the most demanding games, I saw significant performance improvement. For example, I did not experience frame rate drops with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077.

Overall, it does a good job of cooling fast. Especially when the laptop is under heavy load. Which is great for creating graphic content and editing videos on the fly.

Product Description and Features

The Chill Mat 5 features all the essentials that a cooling pad must-have. Such as:

  • adjustable height
  • an additional USB port
  • a couple of flippable stoppers on the front of the unit

This cooling pad has four small fans around the perimeter and a fifth powerful fan in the center. On top of that, the ergonomic stand flips up with just a little pressure. You can choose between six height settings. And more importantly, you can tilt the whole unit upward without worrying about your laptop sliding off.

By coming equipped with 5 powerful fans, the Chill Mat 5 is a little different from the rest. You control the fans by pressing the on/off switches on the back. Plus, you can use both of the USB ports because the pad cable is integrated.

The frame makes it look like a long-lasting product you can rely on for several years.


 Who is the Product for?

Unless you use your laptop just to send a few emails and read my reviews, anyone can benefit from this cooling pad. But of course, gamers are the ones who will benefit the most. Next to them, you may imagine video editors and photographers.

Thanks to its plastic frame, you can place the mat on your lap. So, you can use it virtually anywhere. Nonetheless, you should consider that the fans move a lot of air. So, I would suggest you buy this product mainly if you need to stress your laptop with demanding tasks. Otherwise, you will only end up freezing your fingers without any necessity.

Most likely, casual gamers can also repurpose this product for other devices. For example, you can place your gaming console on it during summer, and it will keep it nice and cool. But you can also use it as a tablet cooler while you watch your favorite show or browse YouTube videos.

What I like about the Product

Once you unboxed the cooling pad, you can notice a few things. For example, the frame is actually thinner than expected. It’s only 0.7 inches (2 cm) thin! Besides, you can decide to turn on all 5 fans or just the one in the center. You can turn on just the other 4 fans as well.

Just to clarify my position on this cooler, here is what I like about it:

  • Very light in weight
  • It’s compatible with several different laptop brand models
  • It has a dual USB hub
  • It also involves five efficient fans

Even at the maximum fan speed, most laptop coolers on the market do not cool your laptop down. Some of the cheapest models only manage to prevent overheating, which makes your laptop crash down.

By contrast, the Chill Mat 5 dissipates the heat quite nicely. I experienced a 10-degree difference in the operating temperature while using it.

What I don’t like about the Product

Kootek managed to create an amazing laptop cooling pad. After all, it is one of the best cooling pads on the market. So, I can see why this model is popular.

Yet, it is a little bit pricey for some who can’t afford it. At a glance, there is not a lot of cooling hardware for so much cash. So, most people will search for a cheaper alternative. Sadly, they will miss out on the performance aspect and get a less functional product.

Not having to deal with a separate USB cable to connect the cooler and the laptop is a big improvement. Plus, the integrated cable slot is an ingenious solution. But I guess Kootek could have made the stand arm out of metal instead of plastic. Often, I feel like the weight could crush the whole frame if I accidentally put a little more pressure while typing or gaming.

Final Thoughts

If you have a gaming laptop or work in the field of audio/video editing, the Chill Mat 5 will prevent your laptop from crashing down. This means you will not lose hours of hard work and continuous effort.

The 3 operating modes will let you use the cooler for cooling down your gaming console or tablet/smartphone. As long as you can count on a reliable power source, this cooling pad is effective and will get the job done without any hassle.

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