Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset Review – What makes this headset popular with gamers?

The first edition came out in early 2018, shortly before the Arctis 7 release. Since then, the Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset has experienced little improvements.

But it is still a remarkable gaming product to this day. It has more to offer than a volume wheel and a mic mute button, after all. Well, here is an updated review of its performance and features.

You might be drawn to it for its great sound but worry about the build quality. Overall, this wireless gaming headset is quite polarizing. So, it is better to start off with the designers’ goal. A brief overview of the design will take care of the main features next. Also, I will be discussing who is this product for to clear any doubt. Finally, I will describe the pros and cons more in detail for your enjoyment and complete the picture.

Benefits of the product

This premium headset delivers a better sound quality than other Steelseries products. Also, the designer team wanted to create a wireless headset with great connectivity options and working distance.

The wireless connectivity is really at the centre of the attention, as you will read. Plus, the design makes it easy to pluck the batteries from both the headset and the control box. Even removing the ear cuff protection calls for just one movement, setting the ease of use in a user-friendly way.

You can wear this headset without problems up to 14 feet (12 meters) and still maintain a good, precise sound. Above all, the transmitter lets you control many settings on the go. It is intended for a variety of applications and the daily grind.

No screen issues like in previous models are to be found. Moreover, no pressure on the ears, thanks to a more comfortable cushioning. This model improved several aspects of previous products.

Design and Features

Right off the bat, the Arctis Pro box shows off dual wireless connectivity. After you manage to pull the cover out from the tight casing, here is what you will find:

  • the gaming headset
  • a little control box that you connect to the PC or Playstation 4 and also works as a battery charger for the batteries
  • an accessories pack with extra wires (a USB audio cable, a mobile charging cable, a mobile audio cable, and a power cable)
  • a replacement foam microphone cover
  • two swappable batteries
  • the product information guide

Firstly, the retractable, noise-cancelling microphone and AirWeave ear cushions feel nice. The metal headband gave me a good first impression too. When you use it, the headphone frequency response goes up to 40,000 Hz.

Here are the connectivity options:

  • 3.5 mm jack
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Bluetooth

If you own any Arctis headset, you will recognize the familiar design almost immediately. For example, the volume wheel on the left earcup. But the mute mic button is a multi-function one. A micro USB port also allows you to charge the headset directly. Finally, you have two power buttons (one for the headset and one to toggle the Bluetooth).

Who is the Product for

The Steelseries Arctis Pro winks at both gamers and PC users. Basically, it is a high-end product that mainly plays on its speaker drivers and portable batteries to be more compatible. But the price is definitely a problem for anyone not willing to pay more than 100 or 200 bucks for a gaming headset.

As the top-of-the-line Steelseries gear, it sets a high but not extreme level of sound fidelity. So, all in all, it is something that careful gamers and PC users may appreciate more than beginners. For once, I would suggest anyone without any previous experience with gaming headsets to get to know these products better. Then, the price point of this model might appear more justifiable.

By contrast, you should look forward to getting one of these if you are a pro gamer or a streamer. Especially if you are looking for a comfortable gaming experience that lasts many hours at a time. The earpads keep your ear cool, which is satisfying. Also, if you want to replace your PC headset with a wireless, high-end version, the Arctis Pro lets you move to the bathroom without having to remove them. Then again, when you take a pause from work, you do not need to let the ears dry.

What I like about the Product

This pro gaming headset struck me for its slick performances. To get you an idea of what I like, here is a list of the three most critical features:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Long battery life
  3. Great audio quality

I briefly touched upon its wearability. Generally speaking, the cushions do a great job of balancing isolation and comfort. To be honest, I feel that extra padded cushions could have found their way in the package. After all, this product is marketed as a luxury headset. Yet, the only replacement is the mic cover.

The two batteries are convenient and easy to swap. Besides, you can take them with you for a long trip and recharge them via micro-USB cable. Performance-wise, I do not think they changed the batteries, but they did not include RGB lighting. So, they took care of energy waste issues. As a result, you can use this headset for several hours.

The control box lets you choose varying settings such as audio source and equalizers. For me, the sound quality is perfect. The volume gets high enough. Plus, you can adjust the volume very easily from the earcup.

What I don’t like about the Product

Expert gamers will know that not all gaming headsets are equally sturdy. And that is the case for the Arctics Pro Wireless as well. In other words, treat it with care if you want the product to endure your gaming sessions! But to be honest, I find it to have two major flaws:

  • Expensive
  • Lacks a little bit of bass

Steelseries charges too much for this gaming headset. There. I said it! I am not gonna fly over the fact that this headset can be compared to cheaper models and not win the comparison on all fronts. A lot of personal taste goes into liking this product. At the very least, more than its technical features. Which leads me to the second negative point.

I don’t know about you, but when I put on pricey earphones or headset, I kinda demand the best sound quality the market has to offer. Instead, where is the bass? Ok, maybe I am taking it a little bit too far. But you should get my point. For what it costs, underperforming bass reproduction is not on my list of favourite specs in any audio device.

Final Thoughts

After all the good and the bad things about it, the Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is still a great headset for anyone who can afford it.

Of course, pro gamers and PC enthusiasts will greatly enjoy them, more than the average casual gamer. Mostly because the superior frequency response makes you hear sounds you can’t hear on other headphones. But if you are not into crystal clear sound, you will not justify the price.

Its versatility makes it great to play video games and to keep using them with your smartphone. Then again, you can always count on its volume wheel to add more oomph to the music. And you can turn the Bluetooth on and off to further save the batteries for later.

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