Microsoft Xbox one elite controller series 2 review – Does it help improve your gaming?

The Microsoft Xbox one elite controller series 2 came out in 2019. At E3 2019, the Microsoft team said it to be the most advanced controller in the world. So, well, as anyone interested in using a controller in gaming, I wanted to know more about it.

When comparing it to the first Elite controller, the Elite Series 2 offers precise improvements. The main goal was to innovate the design and ensuring a more satisfying gaming experience. And they mostly did it ok.

Mostly, I like the new controller. Without a doubt, it is the best pad that Microsoft ever created. Also, it fits perfectly in the new gaming environments that the Xbox brand has been creating.

Here is my take on the good and the bad parts of this gaming controller. After spending quite some time with it, I feel I can review it to help the most demanding players to decide. Is it really worth the price? Because, of course, I will also discuss that!

Benefits of the product

Let’s cut to the chase. This pad feels great in your hands. In other words, it is such a comfortable gamepad!

Microsoft has further improved the overall grip of the first model. In detail, you get a slightly smaller grip surface compared to a fairly greater width. The result is a firm, comfortable grip. For example, it is even perfect when you apply the analog pressure. Reaching every corner of the pad feels natural, and this is not an overstatement.

I guess that anyone new to gaming could benefit from this aspect the most. Generally speaking, making a habit of holding an Xbox controller is maybe the most challenging part. I got no wrist pain while using this gamepad. Instead, in the past, the previous designs felt somewhat odd.

The weight and dimensions are perfectly balanced in series 2. Above all, this pad is more practical. The designer team has obviously taken the best parts of the first model and discarded the rest. As a result, gamers gain in precision and accuracy when using this pad.

Product Description and Features.

So, what comes in the box? As soon as you get your hand on the package, you might be surprised to find out that it contains eight different things.

  1. The gamepad
  1. Set of thumbstick replacements. In detail, two standard, two classic, one higher, and one rounded thumbsticks
  1. A tool to replace the thumbstick
  1. Set of four rear levers, two medium and two mini sizes
  1. Set of two-directional crosses, one standard and one faceted
  1. USB-C cable
  1. Charging station
  2. Transport case

The Elite Series 2 comes with tunable tension analog sticks. You can choose up to three different resistance levels.

Thanks to redesigned bumpers, you can decrease the trigger movement. For example, to improve the rate of fire in FPS games.

The battery is long-lasting. Then again, you can create three customized button profiles. Each of which you can associate with specific light plays.

Who is the Product for?

Due to its price tag, I think this is not your ordinary gamepad. Most gamers will wash their hands of all the perks and benefits when they see how much this gem costs. Also, the product per se is not 100% perfect.

Most likely, competitive gamers are the ones who will benefit the most from series 2. New gamers could enjoy its comfortable grip, but they would need to make a choice. That is, to excel in gaming or reach a precise goal.

Regarding the type of gamers, you can think of this as a sports and action videogame tool. If you like to play soccer games like PES or FIFA, you will love it. Besides, if you are a Gears of War fan, then you already knew you would fancy this one as soon as the review mentioned the overall improvements.

What I like about the Product

Here is what you might like as well:

  • long battery life
  • hard case
  • charge dock
  • lots of configuration features

The lithium battery lasts for 40 hours. Of course, that is the declared value. But I can testify it lasts somewhere around that number of hours.

The hard case expresses the remarkable care for the material choice. As well as the minimal product design style shows.

The wireless charging dock is just a small black box, so it doesn’t take up much space. Also, it does not look like an eyesore. It’s just so convenient to grab the controller when it’s time to play and let it charge when you’re done.

In my opinion, the best improvements of the Elite Series 2 are on the software side. As with the original Xbox Elite, you can completely remap the controller as you see fit using the Xbox Accessories app. But now, in addition to the buttons on the controller, you can also assign inputs to specific system-wide actions. For example, you can take a screenshot, display your results, or open a specific app.

What I don’t like about the Product


As you might have guessed, I don’t think of this gamepad as the holy grail of gaming devices. In fact, I do not like at least these four things:

  • it is very expensive
  • what if the built-in battery dies
  • it didn’t come with two domed and two long analog stick
  • About the buttons, the letters can be hard to see for some people that have troubled eyesight.

Of course, it is nice and useful for some games, but it costs too much for what it offers. Anyone who bought a gaming controller knows how upset you get when the controller breaks down. When I imagine this pricey gadget leaving me without further ado is not a pleasant visualization.

You can’t change the battery anymore with this model. While I think of this as a minor flaw, it still is a big no-no for me. But it is not that I do not trust Microsoft to build a lasting battery. I just don’t like to not be able to change the battery with a more performing one. That is, some universal batteries rock!

I would have preferred two dome sticks. Surely, the domed thumbstick is the hallmark of gaming controllers. But one isn’t enough. Besides, two long analog sticks would have made more sense. After all, you use both the sticks when you play. So, putting only one of each doesn’t feel right.

Lastly, the buttons could use a better aesthetic redesign. Also, they can get quite hard to press sometimes. And I am not really convinced that such resistance is a default feature.

Final Thoughts

I laid my insights and ideas down for an in-depth review of the second Xbox one elite controller model.

Above all, I wanted to start with the key benefits. In fact, this controller is really nice to hold. When you use it, you really enjoy your games more. That is a fact.

Along with the other products and replacements, the gamepad is practical and an ideal choice for most gamers. Even for new gamers, of course. Perhaps, you might be willing to spend the money on this one if you play soccer games and FPSs.

Plenty of good features come with this enhanced version. Plus, I think the downsides are within the norm of personal preference. So, I will surely like to invite you to give it a try.

If you never tried a premium gaming controller, this is among the best on the market. For one thing, it will change the way you play and minimize any discomfort. You will focus more on the screen and get more realistic, timely responses. It is indeed miles away from the usual cheapie you get at discount prices.

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