Controller in Gaming – Beginner’s Guide


The ideal controller is more than a PC gaming device. Back in the old days, arcade games were the only ones to let you use a joystick.

Then, consoles broke the mould and introduced a whole set of new devices. Indeed, gamers saw the rise and fall of many ideas related to the use of a controller in gaming.

Today, you can choose among a large variety of controllers. Every video game genre has a suitable gamepad, paddle, or steering wheel. Maybe, you prefer to use a throttle quadrant, yoke, or pedals. And that is not nearly all. Wireless or wired, with touchscreen or motion sensors, a controller complete your gaming style.

Of course, someone new to gaming may not know which one is best for him or her. So, here is a beginner’s guide to find out or revisit the most critical info about PC controllers.

You are definitely going to find the best controller for your fingers or feet itching to win the next round!


How does the controller help in gaming with PC & Console?

Compared to the standard mouse and keyboard combo, they ensure better responsiveness.

Each controller fits in with a specific videogame genre. In other words, you use a controller to amp up your chances to win. That is, you use a tool specifically designed to give you the edge.

Basically, you use a specific controller to keep your focus on the goal. So, you might need more than one controller.

In gaming, the goal is being in that zone that allows you to perform at your best. Every gamer knows how frustrating it is to lose a game because you pressed the wrong button.

With the use of controllers, many problems simply do not happen. On the contrary, you can set up various configurations and profiles. That is, assign different actions to your keys to find the more practical order.

By choosing among varying shapes, you select the device that best fits your hands. Big and small hands do not move equally fast when handling different tools. The same goes for controllers.


Are you fully able to customize a controller to your liking?

In many ways, yes. For example, you can change the colour or design of a faceplate. You can customize the buttons, lighting effects, and weight. Also, many models let you change the size of the analog stick or other components.

Modding has its own world of enthusiasts! By the way, I am not encouraging someone to mod their controller. I just want you to know that the possibility is out there. The reason relates to the vast series of available product lines.

Of course, you cannot mod every single controller. Most of them do not allow many modifications by design. But, this did not stop enthusiasts from finding their own ways.

For many models, customization ideas are available online in forums. Then again, controllers that come with dedicated software let you set your preferences. Usually, many apps let you choose:

  • the color(s) or color pattern(s)
  • stiffness
  • vibrations

Also, you can buy accessories to customize your controller, such as:

  • thumb grips
  • anti-slip silicone covers
  • custom button replacements


What’s the difference between normal & advanced controllers?

The main difference lies in the better functionality that comes with advanced controllers. When you use controllers for a while, you notice a clear room for improvement in most designs.

Some manufacturers already noticed that. For example, Xbox elite, Ps4 Nacon, or SCUF. To specify, these branded names point to a whole niche dedicated to gaming controllers.

Most of them started out as console products. Over time, they became famous and looked at the PC market. Today, these products are mostly cross-platform compatible, thanks to the universal USB connector.

Mostly, advanced controllers are made of high-quality materials. Sadly, the average life span of a normal controller is short. Due to intense use, every controller can break. But generally, advanced ones come with a good product warranty.

On balance, pro-gamers use advanced controllers. For one thing, they let you optimize virtually every action. Most advanced controllers also have unique features. For instance, extra buttons, touchpads, and more ergonomic design.


Is the advanced controller worth the price?

Not every controller is worth the price for every gamer. In short, advanced controllers will not make you a better gamer per se. They can only help you use your natural potential.

Every gamer knows that many products do not live up to the hype. So, you should not be thwarted or lured by the brand or ravaging reviews. Instead, you should focus on your needs.

As a gamer, you can benefit from using a controller that helps you play the way you want to play. Sometimes, a cheap controller is way better than a pricey one. And that has nothing to do with the price itself.

Almost always, the cheaper one will last way less than expected. I had cheap controllers that lasted only a week. And I treated them like sacred items. But I also had advanced controllers that did not last long either. Mostly because they and I were not that compatible.

Surely, the price can be too high for a specific product. But I suggest you think in terms of experiencing the benefits of the device. If nothing else can let you play in that way, and that design resonates with your inner craving, go for it.


Your gaming PC deserves a great controller. Also, you deserve to completely dominate in your virtual area of expertise.

Controllers let you play at your best on the most powerful machines. When you use a controller, you can reevaluate a game you thought you hated. It happened to me with soccer games.

Many video games require a controller to be fully appreciated. That is, the video game makers created the game for a console and specific gamepad. To this extent, controllers knock down walls that divide different players all around the world.

Today, online servers and multiplayer games offer new exciting experiences. Similarly, with a controller, you can start a new chapter in your gaming life.

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