Backpack in Gaming – Beginner’s Guide

In most video games, the protagonist goes on a journey. Well, you might be surprised to know that a backpack in gaming and real terms lets you do the same.

Virtually all people know what a backpack is. However, most people frown when they hear about a gamer’s backpack. So, here is a beginner’s guide to fully understand what a gaming backpack is and what it can do for you.

Perhaps, you might have stumbled upon a similar product. But you might not know what to look for in a savvy purchase. Read on, as you will surely find more detail to fully understand what aspects are worth considering.

Finally, you might be a new gamer. Maybe you want the best gear from day one. So, you found out about these backpacks and want to know if it might be good to add them to your arsenal.

Without a doubt, the following guide will help you understand the product better. But let me advise you from the start that while it might be a good addition, you must consider your gaming style first.

As you will see, your lifestyle is a big factor to make the right decision on the gamer’s backpack that fits you the most.

How does a gaming backpack work?

If you were to shop in a mall when you first saw a gaming backpack, you would ask yourself who would ever need this.

But upon inspection, you would immediately notice that it looks like a utility backpack. In fact, the backpack itself has several zippered pockets and compartments.

In a single sentence, a gaming backpack gives you all you need to play games on the go. To put it simply, it does more than carrying your gaming laptop and a few accessories like any normal bag.

The main goal of a gaming backpack is to let you play anywhere you like. In detail, it helps pro gamers to train and stay focus while travelling. But it is also a convenient all-in-one solution for leisure time with friends.

Especially if you need to move from one location to another frequently.

Inside the main compartment, you find plenty of Velcro straps and/or clasps. So, you can secure your precious input devices and headset. Usually, you get an external pocket just for USB cables and chargers. In short, the overall design of the backpack is practical for quick, neat storage and retrieval.


What kind of items can you put in a gaming backpack?

Most gamers like to bring their favourite controller with them. Mainly because it allows you to customize your gaming experience.

Naturally, you can find a suitable place to store your mouse or trackball. And of course, a mouse pad.

But if you are into streaming and you can use it to move your live streaming equipment. Actually, you can fit all the devices you need to create your broadcasting content, such as a:

  • video camera or webcam
  • stream deck
  • professional microphone
  • router

Console gamers can also put a Nintendo Switch in there. In reality, there is so much room that you can place more than two Nintendo Switch inside the many pockets. So, it is the ideal solution to play Pokemon with your friends during long trips.

The numerous pockets allow you to isolate the compartments for electronics from the ones in which you want to store liquids. In most advanced models, you might get a whole bottom section just for food and snacks.


What’s the difference between a normal and gaming backpack?

When it comes to a normal backpack, you never have enough room. Then again, the standard utility backpack is bulky.

Sometimes, bigger backpacks come with metal rods in them for extra support as they are intended to be used for mountain climbing. But a gaming backpack is an urban solution for the modern gamer.

Most gaming backpacks are hefty and roomy. Plus, they have a top protective layer to insulate the bag. Of course, you need a water-resistant or water-proof cover if you are to put electronic devices inside.

Usually, the gaming backpack’s padding gives you a hint of how you should use each product. In fact, ultralight shoulder strap pads with no lumbar pillow are not ideal for long journeys. But they are great for travelling by train. If you plan to walk a lot, choose one with a lower back support pillow.

All in all, you can put a whole setup in a gaming backpack. Instead, with most standard bags, you will have to struggle to just insert the laptop and the charger.

How does it help gamers?

Gaming backpacks offer varying solutions for different gamers. For example, a casual gamer might enjoy a minimalist setup to just bring a gaming laptop and a few devices on a journey.

Instead, a professional gamer might need to travel for tournaments and bring large fight stick controllers.

New gamers can use it to place different techs in them. As they get more familiar with their gaming laptop or console, a gaming backpack provides a better-organized travel bag than other products.

For one thing, you can take your tech survival kit with you at all times. So, no matter what you need, you will have plenty of protected, fully insulated pockets for energy banks, external hard disks, USB hubs, and other gadgets.

Content creators appreciate these backpacks because they can carry many tools. For instance, you can take with you a mobile phone holder and use it as a stand as needed. The same goes for any remote-controlled device.



When shopping for a gaming backpack, you need to consider the ultimate purpose.

If you need a practical solution for moving your setup on a regular basis, look no further. These backpacks are ideal for focusing on your video games at any given moment.

New gamers can take advantage of the backpack’s versatility and use it in their everyday life.

But in this case, I would suggest starting with a more minimalist design. The perk of these backpacks lies in the organized compartments that protect your gear from external damage at the same time.

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