Asus Rog Strix Scope Review – Can this colourful keyboard give you an edge in PC gaming?

One year after the release of their first mechanical keyboard (the Rog Strix Flare), the ROG R&D team came out with a new design.

They called it the Xccurate design. The Control button was pretty big in comparison with the other keys! Of course, I am referring to the Asus Rog Strix Scope gaming keyboard, Asus’s full RGB mechanical keyboard dated 2019.

In this review, I am going to share the benefits and judge the product features. After going over what comes in the box, I will lay down the recommended gamer’s profile. That is the kind of pro or beginner player who will enjoy the most this piece of hardware. I will also write down what I personally like and don’t like.

So, you get both my first impression and subsequent evaluations about it as well.

Benefits of the product

The true potential of the Scope gaming keyboard is expressed by its mechanical keys. In detail, Asus chose to use the very famous Cherry MX red switches.

The red switched on this model offers a linear, click-free response with very smooth beat sequences. In short, pressing the buttons on your keyboard will feel as light as pushing air out of a bag of chips. Well, if my metaphor is of no help, let us just say it will make your fingers tireless.

In gaming, as in writing for several hours, the button resistance is a critical factor. Hard buttons can wear you out within minutes, let alone win. Even trying to enjoy your favourite videogame after a frustrating game lost against less experienced gamers is vexing. But with these responsive keys, your skills can shine through.

This keyboard design leaves no detail out. Clearly, the R&D team designed this product with a gamer as the end-user in mind. The spacing between keys is right. Plus, the keycaps are slightly convex to welcome your fingertips. It just feels right from the get-go.

Product Description and Features

In the package, we find:

* the keyboard with a 6.5 feet (2 meters) USB cable

* 4 silver painted replacement keycaps

* a small manual with ROG branded stickers

* a box that contains the key for removing the keycaps

This keyboard has an essential and captivating shape. In detail, the main body, completely in black painted aluminium, follows the profile of the keys.

At the same time, it maintains small dimensions thanks to the uniform, compact design. The RGB LEDs behind each key give a visual effect and highlight the visible part of the switches. In the front right, you find the classic dual-textured ROG logo.

In the back, a striped pattern surrounds the feet and allows you to increase the inclination. But, the feet are not adjustable. You either pull them out or push them back in position.

Who is the Product for?

At first glance, you can tell that this keyboard design is geared toward FPS gamers.

The four silver replacement keys are for the W, A, S, D letters. So, you know the designers wanted to help gamers to find these keys as easily as they could.

The quick-toggle switch function allows you to quickly switch from gaming to work mode. To do this, simply press the Fn and Ins keys simultaneously. You can thus access the controls arranged on the keys ranging from F5 to F12.

After a while, you get the idea that the Strix Scope is for people who spend a lot of time typing or using the keyboard. I mean, for more than 4 hours per day every day. The Cherry MX red switches make it so soft to the touch that typing becomes a pleasure. But it also helps in camping and griding activities.

Both professionals and beginners gamers/writers can hugely benefit from this product.

What I like about the Product

Here is a list of features that I like and details that make it a great piece of hardware:

* Nice build quality

* Responsive buttons

* Cool RGB light effects

The weight of about 1 kilogram together with the feet in the back make the Asus Rog Strix Scope almost plainly unmovable from the desk. Or, for the most part, it is so until you lift the rear feet to raise the keyboard.

After that, the keyboard feels slightly less firm, even though the feet are rubberized. Clearly, you would have to really push hard to move it. In short, nice built quality and high-quality materials make this product truly appealing.

As for the switches, they are visible, in the sense that they are still visible when viewed from the side so as to diffuse the RGB light. ABS keycaps with mostly large letters and numbers in the classic ROG font facilitate the vision even for people with eyeglasses. Above all, the keys are extremely responsive. And you can set up your favourite RGB pattern thanks to the dedicated software.

What I don’t like about the Product

I like trying out mechanical keyboards. So, my foremost complaints about the Strix Scope include:

* High price

* No wrist rest

* It doesn’t have a USB Hub

For its price range, I expected the box to contain at least a basic wrist rest. It is really hard to avoid thinking that the price point is not inflated. After all, you only get four replacement keys as a bonus.

My only explanation for the high price is that maybe the long USB cable in synthetic interlaced fibre makes up for the difference. But it is really a far fetched reason. I still do not get why ASUS would try to milk its fanbase.

The absence of a USB hub goes along the same line of reasoning. Mostly because it is not the only mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX red switches on the market. Many competitors have tried to offer something new, but the ASUS team did not even include a media control button. Instead, they preferred resorting to the Fn combo like in a notebook design.

Final Thoughts

If you can afford this keyboard, I am sure that you will love it. Whether you are a competitive gamer or a complete beginner, it won’t matter. Its full layout design resembles the classic keyboard you always used.

If you play many FPS games, give it a go. For one thing, you will ace every subtle tactic and dodge more bullets. If you need to write long essays and research papers, your fingers will thank you.

It’s a great product for more exciting gaming sessions. And more importantly, a big step forward in comparison with the previous ASUS ROG models.

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